Molinari: THE HALLMARK of a reliable partner for orthopaedics

Creating made-to-measure orthopaedic shoes requires professional expertise, care and precision, with attention to the tiniest details to guarantee the quality that we all deserve. Choosing Molinari as a partner for your orthopaedic needs means being able to rely on a company with over 40 years of experience, during which time it has become a leading manufacturer of orthopaedic footwear. Molinari knows how important it is to meet the needs of every foot at any age and this is why we work alongside orthopaedic technicians to offer their customers footwear with excellent quality standards, which are always able to meet the expectations of their users.
An orthopaedic technician will find that Molinari is the ideal partner when it comes to providing their end customer with the orthopaedic shoe they want. This is why:

Full assistance for every order

Choosing Molinari means being able to rely on a dedicated customer service to manage orders for made-to-measure orthopaedic footwear. In direct contact with the orthopaedic technician, the service takes charge of every request, accompanying them in the performance of the various tasks. This way, we can issue several orders at the same time, maintaining our fast delivery service.

Fast turnaround times

Punctuality and timely service are core values for us. This means our turnaround times are fast: from the receipt of the order, we send made-to-measure insoles in 3-5 days, customised thongs in 5-7 days, and finished orthopaedic footwear in 12-15 days.

Online configurator

Molinari provides its customers with software, free of charge, to configure made-to-measure orthopaedic footwear. A useful, practical and intuitive tool made available to orthopaedic technicians to guide customers in the choice and customisation of their footwear.

Constantly updated catalogue of models

Molinari’s made-to-measure orthopaedic footwear catalogue is constantly updated to keep abreast of innovations when it comes to fabrics and quality materials, and without limits in the choice of models, leather, and finishes. In this way, footwear can be truly bespoke, tailored to meet the needs of the foot and at the same time, add quality and style.

Equipment hire

As well as sales, Molinari also hires out podobarometry platforms and CAD/CAM systems. An extra service to make work easier for small orthopaedic businesses and to guarantee excellent results.

Technical assistance

Molinari would not be a reliable partner if it did not also provide detailed consultancy and technical assistance. Our qualified IT engineers are a constant source of support for orthopaedics when it comes to the correct use of the software we provide.


Lengthy experience in orthopaedics has made it possible for us to go that step further when it comes to making expertise and reliability available to you. That is why we organise training and refresher courses for our customers at our headquarters in Castell’Arquato.