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Molinari custom-made orthopedic footwear
Unique footwear for every type of foot condition thanks to technology and design
Molinari combines modern technologies and craftsmanship to offer a product of the highest level at the service of orthopedic technicians for the wellbeing of their clients.
With Molinari's software, the configuration of shapes, materials and colors can be viewed with a single a click by the orthopedist and his/her client before production.
In fact, the assigned technician designs and views the custom-made footwear using a dedicated Fashion program and sends the file directly to Molinari, which manufactures it with the utmost precision and in a short time.

How to design truly custom-made orthopedic shoes?

Use the Fashion configurator provided by Molinari.
With the configurator you can:
  • select the tip line of the shape
  • choose the model among the 140 models proposed in the catalog
  • select the type of sole
  • create an archive with all the selected parameters
  • print the footwear with the chosen colors and parameters to view it together with your customer

The FASHION software is free.

Later, you can send us the order by e-mail together with:

  • the form with measurements expressed in centimeter
  • foot cast with STS sock
  • 3D scan of the foot with a 3D full foot scanner

How can we manufacture shoes in a short time?

Thanks to the innovative technologies used by Molinari, we can shorten the design and production times of the shape, with certainty of a perfect final product.