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Molinari custom-made insoles
Advanced technology and latest generation materials to match each foot to its arch support

Molinari manufactures custom-made orthopedic arch supports for the prevention and treatment of a variety of foot conditions, such as:

  • diabetic foot
  • flatfoot, especially children
  • cavoid foot
  • arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis

But there are even more applications.
A custom-made insole can be used also by:

  • those who make daily use of safety shoes
  • those who are professional athletes

How can you obtain custom-made insoles for your clients easily and quickly?

If you have a small orthopedic studio and do not have an insole milling machine, here’s our solution.

Get the footprint of your client using phenolic foam or a scanner, send it to us and we will manufacture your custom-made insoles!

If you wish, we can even personalize them with your logo.

  • Submit to Molinari the footprint of the foot using phenolic foam and/or a scanner
  • Molinari designs the insole
  • Choose the material you like the most, any cover and your logo personalization
  • Molinari manufactures the insole: you will receive it in 3/5 days!