"Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstact - sustainable development - and turn it into a reality for all the world's people."
Kofi Annan

Until a few years ago the world showed skepticism towards the climate change of our planet. Today extreme climatic phenomena are increasingly frequent and devastating, now there can be no more doubts: the climate crisis is a fact. Global warming has first and foremost environmental but also economic and social consequences: rising and warming of the oceans, melting glaciers, desertification, rising temperatures, spread of diseases, crisis of agricultural systems and extinctions of animal species. Each of us must feel involved in this struggle, we are all called to do our part in the challenge for environmental sustainability, from small daily gestures to large industrial activities.

Molinari's actions for sustainability

One of the main objectives of Molinari Srl is to contribute to the best of its ability to build a more equitable relationship with our planet, which is why it undertakes to seek the best solutions every day to succeed. Molinari has installed photovoltaic solar panels since 2019 to use clean and renewable energy resources, to decrease the amount of fossil fuels purchased and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the company gives priority to collaborations with external suppliers and partners who make sustainability a priority.

Other Molinari's actions

Other actions taken by the company are:

  • control of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere
  • use of led and energy saving lighting
  • waste separation
  • use of recycled materials
  • use of ecological cleaning products

This is just the beginning of a project that Molinari Srl wants to pursue and improve, to help win the most significant challenge for the protection of our planet.