OrthoSenso Course Monday 4th December 2017

Open House at Schein Orthopädie Service Kg.
20 September 2017
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28 November 2017

“Orthosenso” arch support: presentation and design of orthotics.

Arch support orthotics radically changed the approach to orthopedic issues and more, whether they are purely bio-mechanical, postural-functional, or accommodative orthotics…

Introduced in recent years, “sensory” orthotic finds increasingly applications for numerous issues that podiatrists must face daily in their practice. Orthosenso allows interacting with muscle chains through a physiological mechanism of stimulation or inhibition based on four foot-points through “PINS”…

The course is not aimed at replacing what was achieved so far in the field of arch support orthotics but to implement and expand the knowledge of professionals through daily practice.

Training course: Theoretical – Practical
Duration: 4 hours
Recipients: Podiatrists, Orthopedic Technicians, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Physiatrists
Course location: Molinari srl – Località Martella – 29014 Castell’Arquato
Course start time: 9.00 a.m.
Course end time: 1.00 a.m.